Commit a50fc090 authored by danielk's avatar danielk
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Test commit

parent 89ba9446
......@@ -14,15 +14,11 @@ sqlCVS = $(sources) sqlCVS.cpp
new_thing = $(sources) TableInfo_SCVS.cpp
all: sqlCVS
#all: newthing
sqlCVS: $(sqlCVS:.cpp=.o)
$(CXX) -o $@ $(call cpath,$+) $(LDFLAGS) $(LDLIBS)
cp $@ $(ROOT)/bin
newthing: $(new_thing:.cpp=.o)
@echo "*** Something to do here ***"
clean: clean-recursive
rm -f $(call cpath,$(sources:.cpp=.o) $(sources:.cpp=.d)) sqlCVS >/dev/null
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